Clothing and things made from bamboo.
  • Outdoor Panda bamboo bandana 2

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    Are you looking for a bandana that wicks, breaths, doesn't stink, or gets cold when wet (like the cotton ones)?  Tired of cotton bandanas or the stinky polyester (petroleum-based)  bandanas?  Then you would love these!  They are a little bigger than your average bandana 21"x21".  These also have a little stretch in them so you have a comfortable fit.  

    We did away with the pandas and our new prints are compasses. We did something extra special on our blue ones to try to please the snow gods. ;)  This year we printed using black plastisol and soft hand additive )so the print won't fade like our first one printed with water based ink).  The light colored prints are printed with waterbased discharge ink, due to the nature of discharge ink, the prints are inconsistent and has a faded vintage look.  Discharge ink essentially bleaches out the pigment of the fabric and redyes the fibers with the colors we added.  We hope you love our new colors and prints.  

    • 95% Viscose from Bamboo 5% Spandex
    • made in China
    • designed and hand printed in the Pacific Northwest (in our garage)!

    Care Instructions: Machine wash delicate, cold water with like colors.  Tumble dry low.  Hang dry for best results.  No bleach, no fabric softener